Viewpoint® Data Warehouse and Performance Management Solution
Data Warehouse and Performance Management Solution

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"Whether it is a teacher using formative assessment data to determine flexible groups or a district leader monitoring professional development impact, Viewpoint® provides our district a "one-stop shop" for all stakeholders to access multiple data points (assessment, grades, attendance, discipline, interventions) to make important instructional and system-level decisions. Viewpoint® listens to the needs of their partner districts to create reports that are user-friendly, easily-accessible, and customizable."
Sara Reiter, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, PM - Excellence in Instruction
"The Individual Student Reports have been a fantastic way for our teachers to view a comprehensive profile of a student. They are quick and easy to find, and many new Viewpoint® users enjoy having all of a student's information in one convenient place. The biggest strength of this tool is how easy it is to use for all levels of users."
Prachee Mukherjee, St. Louis Park Public Schools, Director of Assessment and Research

"The power of Viewpoint® is the ability for us to leverage data to make our tasks easier. One example is the Viewpoint® Placement Reports. With a great deal of flexibility, we can choose groups and assign multiple guidelines (apply our criteria) - based on course grades, demographics, enrollment, and/or test results and more - to create course placement recommendations. Those recommendations, along with the teacher comments and additional data - all in the same report, help us be thorough and timely with our placement decisions.

The Viewpoint® Placement reports also help with communication across our staff eliminating the need of paperwork that bogged down our process in the past. It has made our work more efficient. Also, since the comments are connected with the rest of the placement information for each student, they are easy to access when making placement decisions."

Mark Tateosian, Anoka-Hennepin Schools, Secondary Achievement Analyst
"Viewpoint® gives educators the ability to access various data in a variety of formats and graphics. The reports can be quickly generated to inform students, parents, teachers, and administration in their data based educational decision making with confidence and solid evidence."
Kelli Wilson, Twin Cities International Elementary School, Assistant Director of Curriculum
"Kelliher School staff truly appreciates the support it receives through Viewpoint®. Viewpoint® provides Kelliher educators with a powerful tool that informs their instructional practices through access to useful and high-quality data analysis. Kelliher School will not give an assessment that cannot be used to form student instruction and Viewpoint® is the tool to accomplish this."
Tim Lutz, Kelliher Schools, Superintendent

"Our district is entering the fifth year of using Viewpoint®, and the teachers and administrators continue to be well pleased with the service provided by the Viewpoint® staff and the quality of the Viewpoint® data displays. The Viewpoint® system is easy to operate and new hires really appreciate its uncomplicated nature. We work closely with Jan for design and Kevin for data loading, and we continue to be impressed at the interest and time they put into in the smallest detail and support requests that we have. The whole Viewpoint® team is amazing!"
Roger Jenni, Northfield Public Schools, District Testing and Assessment Coordinator
"Viewpoint® has made a tremendous difference in how we gather and analyze data in our district and I believe we are using that data to make informed decisions for our students. Teachers, specialists and principals are able to review student progress by schools, classrooms, smaller groups and individual students. We are also able to create custom reports based on the data elements requested by our users. This feature alone has saved our assessment department hours and hours of work as we are able to put multiple assessments and multiple years on the same report. In addition to the standardized assessments used in our district, we are able to upload locally developed common formative assessments and create reports that include both standardized test data and common assessments results.

From August to April of this year, we had over 24,000 logins to Viewpoint® with teachers and specialists accounting for about 14,000 of those events. Principals, instructional coaches, specialists, PLCs and counselors are using data to determine appropriate placement in courses and monitor academic progress. The impact on data driven decision making has far surpassed our expectations when we initially implemented Viewpoint®.

Viewpoint® provides a platform for our department to provide a plethora of information to our users that was not possible in the past. In looking at the reports that we generated before implementing Viewpoint®, I am amazed at the amount of time required for each. Also, I am appreciative of the ease with which we are able to generate similar and oftentimes even better reports."
Junella Feickert, Bismarck Public Schools, Assessment Specialist
"The Viewpoint® Data Warehouse and Student Plans systems allow our district and school teams to systematically integrate data analysis, instructional planning, and program placement based on student needs. Various school users use Viewpoint® on a regular basis to access individual student and group data to adjust instruction and to evaluate program effectiveness. The data warehouse and plan system are easy to navigate and reports are designed through collaboration with member district personnel. Viewpoint® personnel are responsive and demonstrate effective and positive customer service!"
Mary McGrane, White Bear Lake Area Schools, District Assessment, Accountability and RtI Coordinator
"Using data has become easier and easier with the use of Viewpoint®. It is a great data warehouse to hold and access all of your students' data in one spot. The Viewpoint® staff listens to their customers' feature enhancement requests. Two new enhancements I love are the My Favorites and the Comparison Report features. The Viewpoint® staff has great customer service and responds quickly to the needs of their customers."
Sandy Zahn, South East Education Cooperative, Director of Instructional Technology
"Along with the invention of computers and the discovery of Mountain Dew, Viewpoint® has been instrumental in moving us down the continuum of data, information and knowledge."
Shawn Stelter, Bismarck Public Schools, Database Management Specialist
"West Fargo teachers and administrators use Viewpoint® to make sound educational decisions about student achievement."
Robert Kaspari, West Fargo Public Schools, Director of Technology